A new cryptocurrency is getting ready for a shot at the moon like Dogecoin, Bitcoin and Ethereum. But is it really primed for prominent success?

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Launched in March 2021 and having racked up more than one million users already, is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency similar to Dogecoin, and , but with a few key differences.

The founders noted some key issues with many digital currencies that they wanted to fix, such as price volatility. To discourage day-trading, which sometimes causes great price fluctuations, SafeMoon will reward long-term holders by imposing a fee of 10% on each sale. Half of these fees will be distributed to existing coin owners, in the form of a dividend paid in additional coins.

While it is still very unclear what SafeMoon will allows investors to do, the selling fee discourages people from selling. You are simply paid extra to hold.

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“The goal here is to prevent the larger dips when whales decide to sell their tokens later in the game, which keeps the price from…

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