The mastermind of a GoFundMe scheme that conned 14,000 donors across the country out of $400,000 to purportedly benefit a homeless veteran admitted in federal court in New Jersey on Monday that he and his ex-girlfriend pocketed most of the money.

Mark D’Amico, 42, formerly of Bordentown, admitted concocting a bogus feel-good story about the supposed victim coming to the rescue of Katelyn McClure after she ran out of gas on Route 95 on her way home to New Jersey from Philadelphia.

Both McClure and the homeless man, Johnny Bobbitt Jr., were in on the scheme, authorities said.

Together, D’Amico and McClure created a crowd-sourcing fundraising campaign on GoFundMe that they called “Paying It Forward.” The campaign set a $10,000 goal to help get Bobbitt off the streets and cover some of his initial living expenses.

The bogus tale of Bobbitt giving McClure his last 20 bucks was quickly picked up by local and national news outlets. There was even an appearance on NBC’s “Megyn Kelly Today” show.

The schemers gathered $400,000 in donations in less than a month.

D’Amico and McClure shifted the money from GoFundMe into accounts that they controlled, then spent most of it over three months for vacations, a BMW, a vacation, clothing, handbags and “other personal items and expenses,” Acting U.S. Attorney for New Jersey Rachael A. Honig said.

The couple clued Bobbitt in on the scam early on, the U.S. attorney said. McClure helped open an account for…

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