Police warn North Yorkshire businesses to be vigilant

Police say they have received reports of this scam twice in the last couple of months, however, both have thankfully been saved by local taxi firms contacting them.

The scammer, often a woman with a southern accent, calls a business and claims she has been let down by a local supplier and needs to buy large quantities of products which will be sent to her premises by taxi.

The goods will be paid for using a number of credit cards, some of which may not work, and then a taxi arrives to collect the products.

Unfortunately, the goods have been paid for with stolen credit card details and once the card owners realise what has happened, the money will be claimed back from the business – leaving them out of pocket and with thousands of pounds of stock gone.

Earlier this week a taxi firm contacted police after they had been asked to ship £4,000 worth of beauty products to an address in Essex.

Police intervened and returned the products to the business who had sold them in good faith.

In October, a similar incident occurred where a local taxi company had been asked to ship £3,000 worth of golf equipment.

Again police intervened and were able to make sure the products were returned to the business, never making it to the scammers.

These thieves have tried this tactic on a number of companies, from butchers to beauty salons and police are urging all North Yorkshire businesses to be vigilant.

Kevin Ross is from the Economic Crime Unit,…

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