• A residential Butte customer reported: “I received a call on my cellphone last night that claimed to be the billing department at NorthWestern Energy. After being prompted to dial 1 to talk to a representative, the live agent asked me to verify my name and address. I hesitated and asked for a number to call back and the agent stumbled for a moment with my question but responded by providing an 888 number to dial back. I quickly checked NorthWestern’s website and noticed that the number provided differed from the NorthWestern Energy customer service number.”

• “I just received an automated call from ‘NorthWestern Energy’ telling me that my electricity will be shut off in the next 45 minutes due to lack of payment in July and August. Our account is totally up-to-date – I checked to make sure, so I knew this must be a scam attempt,” reported Lori Hart, NorthWestern Energy customer

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• “As an employee, I was surprised when I received the scam call yesterday afternoon. I quickly realized that the number they called wasn’t even tied to my NorthWestern account. It was sneaky because it looked like I was receiving a local call, which I usually answer as opposed to an ‘Unknown’ caller ID…

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