NorthWestern Energy is reporting an all-time high in scam activity this week from customers on the receiving end of calls in which scammers threaten to shut off service if customers don’t take immediate actions that include making payments by gift cards, Bitcoin or other forms of payment.

The increase in reports also includes instances where callers manipulate caller ID to make it appear as if an energy company is making the call, commonly referred to as caller ID spoofing. Reports include scammers even going as far as showing up at locations and demanding payment.

NorthWestern does not call customers and demand immediate payment. Don’t supply any personal information unless you are sure you are indeed working with the utility. For other services, a technician may knock on your door to alert you of his/her presence before making repairs or installing equipment, but will not need to enter your home.

In addition, NorthWestern Energy requires field employees and contractors to wear identification badges at all times. Anyone claiming to be a NorthWestern Energy employee or contractor will be happy to present a badge and employee number when contacting customers in the field. Employees are never authorized to receive payments in the field.

Specific scam attempts this week:

• “Staff at our clinic reported that someone who appeared to be from…

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