On Thursday, NV Energy issued an alert to customers stating that an increase of scam calls and emails were being reported, targeting NV Energy customers by falsely representing themselves as NV Energy.

The notice is as follows:

Dear NV Energy Customer,

In the past several days, we have seen an increase in scam calls and emails to our residential and business customers. These calls and emails falsely represent themselves as NV Energy, threaten immediate service disconnection and demand immediate payment, often via MoneyPak card, Venmo, Zelle and, most recently, Bitcoin.

Please be on alert for these fraudulent calls or emails. NV Energy does not call or email customers to demand immediate payment for any reason. Customers who may be at risk of having their power disconnected because of nonpayment will receive a 10-day notice on their NV Energy bill and a 48-hour notice via U.S. Mail. NV Energy does not accept payments via Zelle, MoneyPak, Venmo or Bitcoin. Please also be aware of our accepted payment methods and kiosk locations.

If you receive a call asking for immediate payment of any kind, refuse and report the scam to NV Energy. You can also check your account at nvenergy.com/myaccount.

Please share this important information with your family and friends. We don’t want any of our customers to become the victim of a scam. Visit nvenergy.com/scams to learn more.


The NV Energy Team

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