Tue, Nov 23rd 2021 12:30 pm

Holiday shoppers may face difficulties this year due to supply shortages, higher prices & potential scams 

√ DCP provides tips to help consumers navigate challenges to have a safe & enjoyable holiday

Submitted by the New York State Division of Consumer Protection

The New York State Division of Consumer Protection alerted consumers to issues impacting the holiday shopping season. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the holiday shopping season will be rife with delays, higher prices and potential scams. Consumers should expect to have a lengthy wait for goods and holiday presents due to the continued supply shortages and shipping backlogs.

Secretary of State Rossana Rosado said, “The holiday season brings out the best of us as we share with family and friends in celebration of this special time of year. However, this holiday shopping season may be frustrating due to delays, higher prices and the risk of scams. To help consumers enjoy this festive time, the Division of Consumer Protection encourages everyone to follow these basic tips to have a smooth and safe holiday shopping experience.” 

The DCP advises consumers to exercise caution this holiday season. Scams and theft are common this time of year, and it is essential consumers continue to protect themselves.

Shop safely using these tips:

Avoid Pandemic-Related Shortages

√ Shop early this holiday season to avoid merchandise shortages and shipping delays. Experts advise to get…

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