[00:00:00] Bob: This week on The Perfect Scam.

[00:00:03] Whitney Kirkpatrick: He was an oil and gas man, the cowboy hats, the boots.   He boasted about having so much money, living this lavish lifestyle.

[00:00:12] Whitney Kirkpatrick: At night I would get these notifications on my phone, “$500 has just been withdrawn from your bank account.”

[00:00:18] Whitney Kirkpatrick: When he snapped and snatched the picture out of my hand, the southern drawl went away, it was shocking.

[00:00:27] Bob: Hearing about an old flame can be a strange feeling, maybe it’s charming. You learn that the first girl you ever kissed on the lips 20 years ago or so just gave birth to twins, or maybe it makes you a little mad. What? They started dating one week after we broke up? Or maybe it gives you a glimmer of hope. Wait? He’s single again? But nothing can compare to the feeling Whitney Kirkpatrick had recently when she heard about an old flame. Her ex-boyfriend was recently accused of a gruesome murder.

[00:01:02] Whitney Kirkpatrick: I got a Facebook message from someone who a long time ago, you know, you have so many Facebook friends, you forget you’re friends with people, and I got a message from this person, and they said, “Hey um, did you hear about Greg?” And I said, “No, I, I haven’t, what’s going on?” And they said, “Well he’s been arrested.” And they sent me a link. And the link showed that he’d been arrested for murder.

[00:01:28] Bob: How did a bright successful young woman…

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