OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. (KFOR) – The Department of Human Services said scammers are preying on Oklahomans through a text message scam that specifically mentions the department’s benefits programs, leaving the victim’s credit and banking information vulnerable.

“Our customers have thin margins in their families and so we certainly cannot afford for any of their resources to be removed from them,” said Casey White, the External Communications Director for DHS. “We’re very concerned about customers falling victim to this.”

DHS put out a warning Friday, claiming scammers were once again targeting Oklahomans with texts that reportedly look like this.

“Congratulations your number is among the random 150 numbers selected to benefit from The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program giving out $500 to 150 people just like we did yesterday. A person who participates or has family members who participate in certain other benefit programs, such as SNAP, SSI, TANF, may be automatically eligible. Click the link to apply, It starts now…”

Text message scams are happening in Oklahoma.

At the end of the message, DHS said the sender provides a hyperlink to a phishing website. The user is urged to provide personal details like names, birthdays, addresses, Social Security numbers and banking information “for resource…

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