Missouri’s U.S. House delegation followed the chamber’s lead to vote along party lines Friday as Democrats’ $2 trillion social spending plan was sent to the Senate.

The Build Back Better plan, a top priority for President Joe Biden and his allies on Capitol Hill, would be the largest expansion of the U.S. social safety net in decades — with spending dedicated to expanded preschool, cheaper child care, health care priorities, climate measures and more. Democrats are touting the package as a necessary, transformative investment; Republicans have frequently characterized it as “socialist” and argued its price tag is unreasonable.

Missouri’s six Republican representatives, including Springfield’s Rep. Billy Long, voted against the package. The state’s two Democrats voted in favor of the bill.

The bill passed 220-213 along party lines, with one Democrat not voting.

What’s in Build Back Better?:Paid leave, universal pre-K & more

“Today, I voted against the Democratic multi-trillion boondoggle that increases our deficit and worsens already record high inflation,” Long, who is running for U.S. Senate, wrote Friday. “Missourians don’t want this massive expansion of our government bureaucracy.”

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