Some Lancashire residents who have ordered clothing online are not receiving items or they are poor quality.

In these cases, refunds are proving ‘impossible’ to obtain, according to Lancashire Trading Standards.

They say that the ‘large number’ of complaints are regarding items purchased from websites based abroad.

For this reason, the trading standards team have issued advice to those looking to purchase clothing online.

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It is advised to check where the company is based, and limited companies can be checked on the Companies House website.

This should be able to let shoppers find out if there are UK officers and addresses.

They also warned that for those purchasing items from companies abroad, ‘there is little that can be done if things go wrong’.

A spokesperson for Lancashire Trading Standards said: “Lancashire consumers are advised that Trading Standards is currently receiving a large number of complaints regarding items such as clothing purchased from websites based abroad, where items are poor quality or not delivered, and refunds prove impossible to obtain.

“Even when websites appear to be based in this country, please check “Contacts” for geographical addresses, and look for email addresses that are not just forms.

“Limited companies can be checked on Companies House website, to find out if there are UK officers and addresses, and returns and refund policies should be clearly…

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