On Sunday, a Facebook page called Vidyarthi Bhavan offered three ‘thalis’ for the price of one. What’s wrong, you ask? The well-known restaurant in Gandhi Bazaar doesn’t serve thalis.

Famous for its dosas, the 78-year-old restaurant only has tiffin items on its menu. Arun Adiga, managing partner, was alerted to the online scam by a friend.

“He sent me a screenshot of the post, asking if we had started anything new. I tried calling the number there. After repeated calls, I got through and asked about the offer, without revealing I was the owner’s son,” he says. 

The man on the line spoke fluent Hindi and knew all details about the restaurant, but knew no Kannada.

“I spoke to him as a customer. I asked him about the restaurant and he said that it was in Gandhi Bazaar. He said I had to place an order online, using my credit card, and initially pay just Rs 10,” Adiga says.

After Adiga revealed his identity, there was a heated exchange of words. The scammer soon disconnected the call, and did not answer further calls. Adiga posted about the scam on Vidyarthi Bhavan’s social media handles and alerted his customers.

The ad that was posted
by the fake page claiming
to be of Vidyarthi Bhavan,
on October 10.

By evening, customers were calling the restaurant asking about the meals.

“Some came over asking if we had takeaway thalis,” he says.

Adiga has lodged a complaint at the Cyber Crime, Economic Offences and Narcotics (CEN) police station at Banashankari. 

“I also…

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