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Online scams on a rise due to the pandemic

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) – This Wichita Falls resident said she witnessed an elderly person in her family get scammed with a large sum of money. She said the scammer was able to reel in her loved one through an email advertisement about vitamins that promised to help her with her memory, but in the fine print, the company stated the products can be returned in fifteen days but couldn’t be opened.

“They would continue to send samples and these samples could cost a hundred two hundred a month. Over the course of about five years, we estimate that she lost maybe half a million dollars,” said resident Diane Lewis.

“These fraudulent websites, look good sometimes they will steal pictures from an actual retailer. Consumers just need to be aware, be on guard. You need to do your research and know exactly where you are,” said Monica Horton, Spokesperson for the Better Business Bureau.

Horton said you can also verify a website by looking for a U.S. phone number or typing in the company name online and adding the word scam to the end of it.

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