You don’t have to believe in ghosts to appreciate the Portland metro area’s spooky history.

It’s been a quintessential Portland October of brooding clouds and vibrant foliage these past couple weeks. But that’s not the only thing to appreciate in the days leading up to Halloween.

Oregon has quite a few historical sites with a dark past and speculations of paranormal activity.

Whether or not you consider yourself a superstitious person, it’s hard not to appreciate a bit of spooky state history.

Here are five rumored haunted locations to check out in the Portland metro area before Halloween.

Grand Lodge Hotel (Forest Grove)

PMG FILE PHOTO - The library-themed Billy Scott Bar is one of the many unique spaces at McMenamins Grand Lodge.

Tucked away in Forest Grove stands a manor with iconic white columns, known today as the Grand Lodge Hotel.

The property once served for 77 years as the Masonic and Eastern Star Home for “aged and distressed” Freemasons, according to a 2009 newsletter from the Forest Grove Historic Landmarks Board.

The Masonic lodge was purchased by McMenamins in 1999 and converted into a hotel. Today, the 90-room property is a popular destination for weddings and conferences, but guests and staff might not be the only ones residing within the lodge. Rumors of paranormal activity are just as ubiquitous as the one-of-a-kind artwork inside.

One employee told Historic Landmarks Board Member Holly Tsur in 2009 that guests and staff will often report “ghostly occurrences” throughout the lodge. Guests have also taken photos of “white, misty-looking orbs” and…

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