A clearly annoyed Mr Rollinson hit back at suggestions from counsel for liquidators Nick Kidd, SC, that he had missed an opportunity to stop the fraud when he received Mr Elgar’s 2018 email.

“It was a matter which you did not deal with adequately in 2018 when it was raised with you. Do you agree,” Mr Kidd asked Mr Rollinson.

Mr Rollinson responded: No that’s your supposition Mr Kidd.

Mr Kidd shot back: The effect of what you did do in May 2018, when this matter was raise with you by Mr Elgar, was to enable Mr Papas to take hundreds of millions of dollars from lenders using fake leasing, do you agree?

Mr Rollinson again responded, “Again, that’s your supposition Mr Kidd”.

Mr Rollinson also revealed during the examination he had suspected that Forum chief financial officer Tony (Moussa) Bouchahine had been involved in the fraud. Mr Rollinson made that allegation after initially telling the hearing that he had not suspected any staff members had been involved in the fraud.


Mr Rollinson later recalled having suspicions after being taken to an email he wrote in mid-July seeking internal advice on whether he could terminate the employment of Mr Bouchahine and another finance department worker at the Forum Group, Kathleen Wang.

“I was only speculating as to his involvement and how much knowledge he had,” Mr Rollinson told the court after being shown the email.

Mr Kidd then asked: You had a concern did you that Mr Tony Bouchahine may have been involved in…

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