Missouri Capitol Police report scammers are manipulating Caller ID so calls appear to be coming from Missouri Capitol Police.

“This is a scam known as spoofing and can be used to try to obtain personal information from you. Do not fall for this scam,” states a release from Capitol Police.

More than two dozen people who received these fraudulent calls reached out to Capitol Police. The greatest number of reports of fraudulent calls appear to have come from people in Missouri and Texas.

“Unfortunately, spoofing phone numbers of trusted organizations or local numbers by fraudulent callers is all too common,” states the release.

State Capitol police are not the only law enforcement reporting an uptick in scams. Clay County Sheriff’s Office reports several recent scams have ben circulating in the area. Scams have included a person calling registered sex offenders claiming to be a sheriff’s office detective and people making spoof social profiles to defraud residents out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“The Clay County Sheriff’s Office has intercepted and returned more than $800,000 in cash that victims sent to scammers so far in 2021,” states a sheriff’s office social media post from October. “Have a frank discussion with older loved ones to educate them about scams and the need to protect their privacy on social media accounts.”

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