FAIRFAX COUNTY, VA — Fairfax County government is warning residents of a scam involving spoofing of a county help line phone number.

Residents have reported receiving calls from 703-324-1000, the MyFairfax online portal help line. The scammer claims the residents’ Fairfax County data has been compromised and that they need to call another number to set up fraud protection.

According to the county government, the help line number is being spoofed. Phone spoofing involves falsifying the information sent to your caller ID so the call appears to come from a local number. Scammers may impersonate a government agency in an attempt to steal personal information or money.

Residents who receive the scam call are urged to avoid calling any secondary number and avoid giving personal or county information. For those expecting a call from MyFairfax, they can hang up and call MyFairfax directly.

The FCC takes reports from victims of spoofing scams. Below are some tips from the FCC to avoid these spoofing scams.

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