Last year, directors of the limited company, known as The High Street Group Limited, set up a separate entity, The High Street Group plc. Days after this newspaper’s initial investigation in August, the group was rebranded ­Hadrian Real Estate.

Investors have continuously been unable to access their savings or receive interest payments they were due. Timmy Stoves*, 64, who is terminally ill, invested his life savings and pension in The High Street Group hoping to leave a lump sum and steady income behind for his wife and daughter. “That’s all been blown to smithereens,” he said.

Mr Stoves, who cannot work due to his illness, has been relying on the interest payments as his main source of income. However, £70,000 has not been paid over the last year after the group defaulted.

“My income never came through and I have no way to supplement it. I have borrowed extensively on personal loans, credit cards and from our friends.

“I am desperately worried about keeping the roof over our heads and feel as though I have given away my wife and daughter’s future.

“It’s hard to take emotionally and I’m trying not to give up. But I have to look after my family,” he added.

Mr Stoves invested a six-figure sum when he fell ill after being promised a 10pc return.

The High Street Group previously confirmed it had created a relief fund to cover exceptional situations.

However, Mr Stoves has not benefited. A spokesman said: “We are working to gather funds for…

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