CARMEL, Ind. – A Carmel resident is one among many victims throughout the country to be targeted by scammers looking to take advantage of vulnerable people.

In the Carmel resident’s case, the scammer was able to take around $800,000 from them. While they have recovered a small portion of that, the case remains ongoing.

“A lot of times after even our best efforts, these people lose a significant portion of their life savings,” Saud Lt. Tim Byrne with the Carmel Police Department. “It’s a life changing event and a situation for them. It has a huge impact on the rest of their lives and inheritance of family members and so on, so it’s a very big deal.”

Why scammers target seniors

The Better Business Bureau said seniors aged 65 and over reported losing a median of $350 in 2020 when falling victim to a scam. This is more than double the loss across all age groups.

“The suspects in these cases and the people on the other end of the line can often times be very compelling and very persuasive,” Lt. Byrne said.

The Better Business Bureau says older people are often targeted by scammers for multiple reasons, including:

  • They are more likely to be at home to answer the door or telephone.
  • They tend to be more trusting and less likely to suspect a con artist.
  • They are often lonely and susceptible to a friendly pitch.
  • They may be physically incapable of making their own home repairs, exposing them to pitches from itinerant workers who knock on…

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