POLICE have issued a warning to the regions business after a “card not present” fraud resulted in two local businesses almost losing thousands of pounds of goods.

North Yorkshire police say the fraud involves an individual, usually with a southern accent, calling a business and claiming she is organising a charity day or wedding but has been let down by local suppliers.

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The individual then orders large quantities of products which are paid for by credit card and they will often use multiple credit cards to pay.

They then ask that a local taxi firm collect the goods and soon after a firm will be sent to collect the goods and transport them to an address, usually in Southend-on-Sea.

According to police, the scammers are using stolen credit card details so once the credit card’s owner realises what has happened, their credit card provider will issue a charge back notice to the business.

The money is then withdrawn from the business’ account leaving them out of pocket and with thousands of pounds of products.

Yesterday (Tuesday November 9), a North Yorkshire taxi firm alerted police to one of these scams in action and as a result were able to save over £4,000 worth of beauty products from being stolen.

The force says that in October another taxi firm contacted police to let them know they were transporting £3,000 of golfing equipment,…

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