Unbeknownst to everyone in Aspen, a dog breeder has set up shop at the base of Shadow Mountain.

Using puppy pictures that only a heartless old cur wouldn’t melt over, the alleged breeder has baited the internet hook and told customers as recently as last week that their beagles, dachshunds and King Charles spaniels would be shipped from an address in the 700 block of South Monarch Street, according to Aspen Police Department reports. Police have visited the site and confirmed it is a residence and not a business, said Aspen Assistant Police Chief Bill Linn.

“You know what the popular kind (of dog for sale on the sites) is? Cute,” said Linn. “All are super adorable-looking and the sweetest puppies you could ever imagine.”

They even have cute names like “Rosie” “Ricky” and “Neo,” and come with individual pictures, prices and other details.

The problem is the address on South Monarch Street is a nondescript apartment building in a residential neighborhood near Lift 1A at the base of Aspen Mountain, and the adorable puppies never show up in the mail.

A screen grab Friday from a website selling beagle puppies and allegedly shipping them from an address at the base of Shadow Mountain in Aspen.

“They’ve scammed people from all over the country,” Linn said Friday. “No one locally has been scammed.”

In the last month alone, seven different people from Arizona to New Jersey have called…

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