A note sent by HSBC Australia to its customers in recent days said the global bank had “identified a scam around fake Fixed Income Corporate Bonds being offered to some HSBC customers”.

“This offer is not affiliated with HSBC in any way. Be careful opening email links or disclosing your information to people you don’t know.“

HSBC first became aware its identity had been hijacked last week when it was contacted by people who had received the fake prospectus through fraudulent investment comparison websites. The bank notified ASIC and the AFP.

Global fund manager Vanguard has also had its identity hijacked by the fraudsters. Late last month it warned investors to “remain vigilant” after it became aware of “a phishing scam which is operating under the guise of Vanguard’s brand, along with other well-known fund managers, offering bond investments via a fraudulent investment comparison website”.

“Scammers are taking advantage of investors seeking higher yields through a fake investment bond offering eye-catching – but ultimately unrealistic – yields,” said Robin Bowerman, Vanguard’s head of corporate affairs.

“Echoing ASIC’s February warning; if it feels too good to be true, it probably is,” Mr Bowerman said.

A prospectus purporting to represent a high-yield fund run by global bond group PIMCO has also been circulating the market.

The documents, which include photos and letters claiming to be written by PIMCO’s global boss, Emmanuel Roman, match…

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