Local law enforcement say they have taken a spate of reports this month from people who have reported receiving phone calls from would-be scammers.

The callers hold themselves out as officers and ask potential victims to pay money to settle matters such as missing jury duty or an outstanding warrant.

Warren County Sheriff Brett Hightower said his department has fielded reports from people about the scam who have contacted the sheriff’s office to verify whether a person who claimed over the phone to be a deputy was telling the truth.

“People surely don’t want to get involved with law enforcement in a negative way, and the majority of citizens don’t really have police contact and are unaware of our procedures,” Hightower said. “We would never call somebody and handle that telephonically, and we don’t handle that, anyhow.”

Hightower said scammers are seeking personal information and money from their potential victims, and use a variety of scenarios over the phone to attempt to deceive people into giving out that information.

One variation on the scam involves the caller reaching out to a victim and asking them whether they know who is calling. 

An elderly victim might then say the name of a relative, and the caller takes on the identity of the person the victim named in order to build trust.

The caller may then lay out a scenario in which…

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