HUBER HEIGHTS — The Huber Heights Police Department is warning residents about the rising number of gift card scams and advising them of potential red flags.

HHPD teamed up with students from Wayne High School for a video, posted on social media, that listed a series of warning signs people should look out for.

The video warned people to treat gift cards as cash and to never wire funds or purchase and send prepaid gift cards in response to a phone call.

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The video advised people to hang up the phone if they are being harassed during a call.

In the post, police said that no government agency will ask a person to go buy gift cars at stores to take care of fines or debts. If someone comes to your home posing as a government official, police said you should ask to see their credentials. Additionally, the video stated that law enforcement and government officials will not threaten a person with imprisonment and demand they pay their debt immediately.

The video said that the government will never call and ask a person for their social security number, bank account information or credit card number. Police ask people to not give their person information over the phone.

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Police advised people to look closely at any literature a person receives claiming to be from a government agency and to read the fine print to see if the send discloses that they…

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