Police are warning the public about a scam going around the area. 

A number of incidents have been reported to the RCMP lately where scammers attempt to distract people, often seniors. At the same time, their accomplices steal debit cards, purses, and money from individuals in the parking lots of big-box stores. 

The scam typically involves two to four people using different methods to distract the victim, such as bombarding them with questions or concerns or asking them to borrow their phones. While distracted, the others will remove items from the unknowing victim. 

Mounties issued the alert after two incidents were reported to the St. Albert RCMP, who say the suspects typically travel throughout the region to conduct this scam. 

“The suspects usually travel from city to city, typically remaining in the same place for only a short period of time. This type of scam is more popular in the summer when the weather is nice,” stated RCMP. 

They recommend being extra cautious when approached by strangers while out walking, shopping, or even doing chores in the yard. Be wary of strangers getting close, offering hugs, asking for help or placing fake jewellery on you.  

More information on protecting yourself from scammers can be found at the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre here.

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