Residents from all over the Hudson Valley are saddened by the news that one of our favorite holiday light shows won’t be “lighting” up this year.

For 8 years many of us looked forward to getting in the holiday spirit by visiting one of the Hudson Valley’s most popular light displays around, the “Sussin Family Christmas Lightshow” in Saugerties.

Each year the father and son team of Troy and Zack Sussin have gone above and beyond to spread good vibes around the holidays by turning their house and surrounding land into one of the most visited light displays anywhere.

Last year they decided to cancel the display due to COVID-19 and told us that if it was possible to do it the following year they would. Unfortunately according to the Sussin Family Christmas Lightshow Facebook page, this year won’t be the year the display returns.

The post stated, “Here comes the post I’ve been dreading to make all year. There will be No display again for 2021. I was going to try and throw together a small drive-by display but the year has just flown by and time got away. Here’s to hoping I can bring it all back next year in 2022. We hope everyone has a safe and healthy holiday season. Thank you all for coming over the years.”

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to talk to Zack Sussin about the light display each year like we have, you understand that it kills him not to do the display this year! Zack and his dad Troy have done a lot over the years, not only lighting up the holidays but also…

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