WISCONSIN (CBS 58) — Scammers are using cute pics of pets and fake websites to take your money.

Last year, Kelly Lee lost her mom to COVID-19. She also suffers anxiety about going outdoors, so the Pleasant Prairie resident thought a dog would help on both fronts. Lee decided on a Pomeranian, in part because “they’re spunky and really fluffy.”

An internet search led her to a website. Lee says it looked legitimate, and she was aware of scammers. “I thought with the pictures, the video and all of that that this was a legitimate website, so I sent them the payment,” she said.

The sellers sent Lee a tracking number, but soon there was a problem with shipment, and Lee was asked to fork over more money. “It was for a health certificate. I thought this isn’t right, because we did have a prior animal shipped to us and that’s usually with the vet certificate that they would send before it would travel,” Lee said.

According to Lisa Schiller, with the Better Business Bureau, this is happening in Wisconsin and all over the country.

“Online scams have become so commonplace since COVID,” she said. Scam websites hook people in with cute pictures of animals, then hope the anticipation of a new pet, and the emotional attachment to the new member of the…

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