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The California Franchise Tax Board announced this week that the second round of state stimulus payments will be released tomorrow, Sept. 17. An estimated 2 million checks are set to hit bank accounts via direct deposit, the tax board stated. Qualifying recipients of the Golden State Stimulus II payment would have made $75,000 or less on their 2020 tax return.

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The first round of payments — dubbed Golden State Stimulus I — released on August 27 and saw around 650,000 payments go out, which were aimed more toward low-income Californians. Governor Gavin Newsom has previously stated that the overwhelming majority, about two-thirds of Californians, will be eligible for the stimulus payments. The tax board has identified around 9 million tax returns that qualify for the state-sponsored stimulus payments, but expect to receive more returns by the Oct. 15 deadline that could in turn qualify even more people.

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Newsom signed the Golden State Stimulus in July, creating one of the nation’s first state stimulus plans. California operates under a progressive tax schedule, meaning the more you make, the more you pay in taxes. This, in conjunction with thrifty budgeting, left the state in an advantageous surplus that Newsom has used to fund the state stimulus…

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