New Delhi: Hackers are targeting senior citizens and middle-aged people with ransomware attacks while young adults are falling victim to various scams on popular apps like Instagram and TikTok, a new global report showed on Wednesday.

The research by cyber security company Avast found that a majority of those aged 65 and above and the age group of 25-35 primarily use their desktop computer or laptop to go online, leaving them susceptible to ransomware, tech support scams, spyware/Trojans, and Botnets.

On the other hand, people between the age group of 25-34 and 35-44 mostly use smartphones to go online (87 per cent each) followed by 18-24 year olds (85 per cent) making them targets for adware, mobile banking Trojans, downloader and FluBot SMS scams spreading malware, and Instagram, TikTok scams promoting adware apps or Fleeceware.

Across all devices, younger and older generations are also targets for phishing attacks and romance scams, said the report, which forms part of a comprehensive global study with YouGov into digital citizenship trends.

“Cybercriminals often take into account how younger and older generations use different devices to launch targeted attacks, adapting them to current cultural and usage trends to make them more relevant and likely to hit their mark,” said Jaya Baloo, Chief Information and Security Officer at Avast.

According to Avast Threat Labs data, the company blocked on average over 1.46 million ransomware attacks on desktops each month…

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