The Ravalli County Sheriff’s Office has received reports of several phone and email scams this week and warns residents not to send money or provide credit card information to unknown solicitors.

In one, a caller representing themselves as Northwestern Energy threatens to turn off the residents electricity unless they immediately provide a credit card number. The RCSO encourages residents to hang up and call their power provider if they are worried about validity of the call.

In another, a caller will claim to be a local law enforcement officer and demand payment for claimed warrants or legal problems. Law enforcement will never call to solicit payment and residents should immediately discontinue the call.

The last is an email scam, where the solicitor represents themselves as a member of a local volunteer fire department. The email will request the resident purchase gift cards for various causes, or for a cellular phone number to text the resident. Recipients should verify the email addresses or simply delete the email without responding.

In all cases, residents are encouraged to either ignore the solicitation or verify the contact with the agency.

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