The whistleblower in the alleged multi-crore scam committed by a real estate firm-the promoters of which were booked Sunday, had earlier ran from pillar to post to get the case registered.

The company returned a part of the total sum he paid them and cancelled his deal, when he had flagged the scam.

Harvinder Singh, who had first brought the issue to the notice of the district police, told The Indian Express, that when he first lodged the complaint in 2018, no action was taken against the builder.

“After making rounds of the offices of the district police, I almost gave up. But in 2019 I decided to lodge another complaint with Punjab Vigilance Bureau (VB). The case was lodged after two years of the inquiry,” said Harvinder Singh, who retired from the Family Welfare department last year.

When asked that how he came to know about the alleged scam, Singh said that he had booked a three-bhk flat at Ambika Realcon’s project in New Chandigarh (Mullanpur Garibdas), in 2017 and had made a payment of Rs 34 lakh to the company.

“I came to know about some irregularities in the project, following which I started raising questions with the concerned persons. I paid Rs 28 lakh cash and Rs 6 lakh loan amount to the company,” he revealed.

Speaking further, Harvinder Singh said that in December 2019, he received Rs 20 lakh in his bank account.

“It amazed me, but they deducted Rs 8 lakh from the total amount. They also cancelled the deal of my flat and told me to…

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