Spare me your prestige dramas, “Sopranos” re-watches and streaming snobbery. The best thing on television right now is “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

To those who would snicker, you are missing out. Oh, how you are missing out. This is the greatest modern-day morality play since “Breaking Bad,” except it’s all real.

At the heart of this season is one Erika Girardi, stage name Erika Jayne. Her 82-year-old husband, legendary lawyer Tom Girardi, stands accused by the feds of embezzling tens of millions of dollars from clients.

Erika, a 49-year-old mob moll wannabe who never revealed much about her life, suddenly has many stories to tell.

Tom, Erika claims, suddenly had dementia. It was the only way, she said, that he could have executed such a complicated Ponzi scheme.

Of course!

However, Erika also said Tom’s sudden dementia was actually festering for years, including that time he drove off a cliff, broke his ankle, and called for help even though he was unconscious for 12 hours.

Nobody knows about that, she said, even though that would have been newsworthy.

Sometime later and very recently but Erika’s not sure when — because they’re getting a divorce and not speaking, except Tom calls her every day — Tom, who is also going blind, fought off an intruder and wound up needing eye surgery while her adult son, who is in the LAPD, flipped his car five times while driving through…

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