The liquidators and receivers pursuing justice for investors defrauded of more than $20m by Sydney Ponzi scheme creator Melissa Caddick have moved to seize her assets.

Jones Partners have given notice to Caddick’s family members, warning they plan to take possession of her assets and those of her company Maliver, after getting court approval.

Caddick, a mother of one, is presumed dead since vanishing on 12 November 2020 – the day after the corporate regulator raided her luxury Dover Heights home in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

The remains of her foot washed up on a NSW beach in February this year.

“We have taken the first steps to commence taking possession of and realising assets of Ms Caddick and the company controlled by her,” Jones Partners said in a statement on Thursday.

“We can confirm we have given such notice to various family members of Ms Caddick and will be notifying other parties over the coming days.”

The affected parties have 15 business days to object to Jones Partners taking possession of, or realising, those assets.

Caddick’s assets include real estate, shares and other items.

A Dover Heights house that sold for $6.2m in 2014, and would be worth considerably more in the current property market, is one of the properties, along with an Edgecliff apartment lived in by Caddick’s parents. Her parents are among those making claims, after handing their daughter $1.03m on the understanding they would own part of the Edgecliff home and, importantly, have…

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