Small-time streamers have been refunding a portion of donations into random bank accounts to the tune of $9.8 million over two years.

Every cloud has a silver lining and it would appear that the security breach at Twitch has resulted in some good. Recent reports indicate that hackers have been using Twitch’s Bit system as a means of laundering money through low-profile Twitch streamers, laundering an approximate $9.8 million. This was discovered due to some investigative work into the data that was leaked in October.

twitch money laundering scheme with Turkish streamers
The recent leak has shed light on a money laundering scheme between hackers and small-time Turkish streamers.

Reported on by Haberler and picked up by Kotaku, the recent Twitch leak that revealed the earnings of streamers has resulted in the discovery of a money laundering scheme. According to Middle East Eye, Turkish livestreamers noted that streamers with small followings were “earning thousands of dollars”, a significantly larger amount than would be expected for content creators with only a dozen or so followers.

How the scam worked is that the hackers would obtain credit card information and then reach out to small time streamers with a proposition. The deal would involve the streamers refunding 80% of the donations to different bank accounts provided by the hackers. By using this method, more than $9.8 million was laundered through 2,400 Turkish streamers over a two year period.


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