A man named David, wearing a COVID-19 mask to protect his identity, holds up what appears to be an iPhone. But he says he was recently scammed in a fake iPhone purchase scheme. This phone is useless. September 9, 2021

A Richmond Hill resident is warning others about a fake iPhone scam after making a purchase he thought was legitimate on Facebook Marketplace.

In late August, David, who is only being identified by his first name out fear for his safety, was looking online for a used iPhone since his existing phone had been malfunctioning. 

To save on the cost of a new iPhone, he took to Facebook Marketplace. 

David and his wife, who had been looking online together, found an ad listing a new iPhone 12 Pro Max for $1,200. In store, these phones can sell between $1,000 to $1,500. 

David negotiated the price to $1,000, and went to an area close to Vaughan Mills mall in Concord to exchange cash for it. 

“He had the phone, a receipt, and it looked really legit,” David said, adding that the packaging of the box was identical to a real one. However, he wishes he had inspected the product much more closely. When he went home and tried to connect the phone to his computer, he realized it was a fake. 

Before making the purchase, David said the due diligence he had made was asking for the serial number of the phone, which he checked off as valid. 

“Everything checked out,” David said. 

However, scammers are getting more nifty at making fake electronic equipment such as iPhones look like…

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