There is apparently a way to earn Tk250 to Tk500 per day just by watching advertisements online. Get your friends to do it too and you stand to earn a further commission.

Sounds too good to be true? Then it probably isn’t. 

Introducing ringID.

The name may sound familiar to many. You might have heard of it as a social network platform that livestreams different sporting events and sponsors programmes of different TV channels.

Apart from that innocuous reputation, the platform also offers these means of making money. By getting a membership — Silver at Tk12,000 or Gold at Tk22,000 — to this platform, one can earn watching advertisements and also work as a “referee” to bring in new members and get a commission.

An apparent money-making way, identical to the pyramid schemes of typical multi-level marketing companies, the allure of quick money has attracted around six lakh people, mainly university and college students.

But like all MLM schemes, if ringID was to collapse, there would be no escape routes.

How watching advertisements would generate the money for members was never properly explained. But dangling the tempting offer did hook many students and those who were still waiting to get a job.

The brains behind the venture are Ayrin Islam and Shariful Islam, chief executive officer and managing director respectively at ringID.

The Bangladeshi couple reside in Montreal, Canada. 

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