Sunnyvale, CA, November 01, 2021 –(– The FTC reported that romance scams caused a record loss of $304 million in 2020, up about 50% from 2019. Besides, older adults reported losing about $139 million to romance scams – the highest total reported loss of any scam category, and a sharp increase from $84 million in 2019, according to a new report.

Cybersecurity experts at Private Line provide tips on taking precautions to protect personal information and date online safely.

Stay Cautious When Using an Online Dating Service

With so many online dating services available now, users should definitely be careful when choosing platforms and services. However, even the most prevalent apps cannot really guarantee authenticity and safety against fraud. Users should still be 100% cautious when using an online dating service that is reported to be secure and reliable.

Use a Temporary Phone Number to Register an Account on Online Dating Websites or Apps

Private phone numbers are rather sensitive data since personal phone numbers are widely linked to other personal information. Using a temporary number to register your account is safer as you use the online dating service, for engaging with online strangers or giving out to people you cannot trust yet.

Create a Profile Containing Little or No Personal Information

User identities can be instantly recognized by prying eyes on the Internet through a brief sketch of their information. It is highly suggested not to include too much…

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