The Royal Thai Police issued a warning on various scams and online threats to raise public awareness, adding that people should be cautious about what is posted online as cyber bullying and spreading fake news can result in criminal charges.

People are asked to cooperate and report any illegal acts to the Thai Royal Police Hotline by calling 1599, according to the National Police Office.

1. Cyber Bullying – Sending, uploading, or spreading unpleasant, harmful, misleading, or nasty content about someone else is considered cyberbullying. Sharing intimate or private information about another individual can cause embarrassment or humiliation, but some forms of cyberbullying are illegal. Police advise caution before publishing since violating the Criminal Code, Section 328, can result in a fine of 200,000 baht or a two-year prison sentence.

2. Unlawful access to computer data (Hacking) – Hacking is a form of fraudulent activity where people are tricked into clicking links that guarantees them rewards or gift vouchers, lottery links, asking for bank information and other personal information. Hackers can acquire credit card details or passwords. Some can claim to be your friend or a call agent center asking for you to provide them with OTP code or Authentication code. Police warn people to not give these codes to anyone or press on links from unreliable sources to avoid the consequences from being hacked. They also stresses on the importance of setting strong passwords.

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