As venues continue to reopen after the pandemic, scammers will be ready for a surge in ticket purchases. Many venues have reduced the number of open seats during a concert or event so tickets may be harder to come by. 

Thanks to the internet, there are several ways for consumers to get tickets to an upcoming event. The downside is that there are also many traps consumers need to avoid. Clicking the wrong link or trusting the wrong website could lead to a fake ticket and lost funds. Last year, the Better Business Bureau received more than 200 reports via BBB’s Scam Tracker about ticket scams related to sporting events, concerts, theaters and other venues. 

Use caution when surfing through websites claiming to sell tickets to popular events at a discount. Purchase only through trustworthy or official websites.

Use BBB’s tips to safely purchase tickets: 

• Purchase directly from the venue whenever possible. Many official ticket sales agents now offer secondary sales options, as well. Don’t click from emails or online ads; a common ticket scam trick is to create a web address that is similar to a well-known company. 

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