With con artists lurking in the shadows, one TikToker has taken it upon herself to shine some light on how individuals can protect themselves. A recent video she made about a hotel scam had many praising her for her beneficial advice. 

A safety expert going by Cathy Pedrayes or @cathypedrayes on TikTok posted a clip on her account, warning against a hotel credit card scam. The social media user also expanded on what one should do if someone attempts to trick them. 

She sat on a bed in a hotel pretending to talk on a phone. Using a voice overlay to expand on the issue, Pedrayes stated that if one receives a phone call in the room from someone claiming to be from the desk, purporting that the guest’s card has been lost or declined, they should be wary. 

While “How You Like That” by BLACKPINK played in the background, The TikToker advised her fellow netizens to refrain from giving out their credit card particulars over the phone. Rather, @cathypedrayes stated

“Hang up and go speak to the front desk in person to report the call and verify your payment.” 

The TikTok user acted out the scene, putting the phone down and going to the front desk. The video has gone viral, racking up just under 553,000 likes and around 1000 comments so far. 

Many remarks consisted of people wondering why she made the clip, claiming her warning as common sense. Others thanked her for the information, with some TikTokers sharing that they had experienced someone attempting to…

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