Warnings have been issued over fake brand pages that scammers use to syphon off personal details from unwitting members of the public.

The scam involves a fake brand page, which looks genuine and has tens of thousand of likes, offering free items, vouchers or food from the company’s CEO as a “gesture of good will” on the run up to Christmas.

The scammers will then DM (direct message) the customers who commented and shared the post asking them to sign up with their personal information to receive a voucher which in the end is fake.

Scammers are targeting consumers with fake social media pages.

One of the fake pages was for the Toby Carvery restaurant chain. A spokesperson for the company said: “Unfortunately there has been an upsurge in fake Facebook pages being created with the core aim of collecting contact and payment details from people.”

Similar scams have been reported involving Wagamama and Primark.

Advice Direct Scotland (ADS), which runs Scotland’s national consumer advice service consumeradvice.scot, has urged Scots to be cautious.

Anyone who has been a victim of a scam or is concerned about suspicious activity can contact consumeradvice.scot advisers for free advice on 0808 164 6000 (Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm) or visit www.consumeradvice.scot.

The organisation has reminded consumers to be careful of anyone:

  • Asking you to make upfront payments, especially if it’s to release funds for a loan or prize money.
  • You’ve never heard of or had dealings with in the…

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