CHICAGO (CBS) — Have you ever wondered how a scam works? Sometimes the con artists turn their victims into accomplices. That’s what we discovered as we unraveled an employment scam that targeted a Summit woman.

Morning Insider Tim McNicholas takes us inside a growing scam.

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“I feel sick to my stomach,” said a Michigan woman who was in search for love. “I was just looking for a relationship, I don’t know how I got into this mess.”

Meantime, Carla Wilbon, of southwest suburban Summit, is out thousands of dollars, with nothing but a fake check to show for it.

“I would like to see him prosecuted,” she said. “My phone bill was due, my mortgage was due, and now because of all this, everything is behind.”

You might wonder what one has to do with the other.

Wilbon works from home scheduling doctors’ appointments for people in need, but when someone in her own family got sick, that job wasn’t enough to pay the bills.

“So I wanted to try to supplement my income,” she said.

She picked up a second gig as an assistant to the CEO of something called Hawkins Interior Design—they even had a legit-looking website.

“This is a remote position,” she said.

A so-called CEO sent her a check right out of the gates for $2,800. He asked her to deposit it into her own account, then take out $2,600 in money orders to pay some bills for him.

“Now, the check that was in…

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