Scam-tainted multi-level marketing (MLM) company Destiny 2000 Ltd has sought approval to operate its business again, aiming to protect the interests of 4.5 million families.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company Dr Mohammad Shamsul Haque Bhuiyan has recently requested the commerce ministry in this regard, according to a letter of the MLM company.

Earlier, the company requested the commerce minister to settle the issue, the letter mentioned.

Many people across the country were cheated by several so-called MLM companies – Destiny and Jubok were the market leaders among all.

Thousands of youths got involved in the Destiny that defrauded millions across the country. Some of the key sponsors of the MLM company are in prison, whereas the victims have not got a penny back yet.

The company top officials also took funds from the company in the name of profit, honorarium, salary and allowance, said a source in the company.

Destiny launched its MLM business in 2000 and it raised TK 41.16 billion by 2012. It claims that it currently has 4.5 million customers, buyers and distributors.

According to a court order, police have been given the responsibility to maintain and supervise movable and immovable property of Destiny 2000.

Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) and superintendent of police (SP) at the district level have been maintaining the assets of the MLM company in the capital and outside it, respectively, since 2013.

According to a Bangladesh Bank (BB)…

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