Like many people, you’ve probably received a phone call, a text, or an email at some point in your life where the person on the other end is pretending to be some sort of higher authority demanding your personal information.

During some instances it can be scary, as scammers use emotion and fear tactics to take advantage of individuals for their money or personal information.

In 2020, the Anti-Fraud Centre of Canada recorded a total of 42,185 victims in Canada which equated to an estimated total of $106 million dollars scammed from Canadians.

Now in 2021, that number is anticipated to be even higher.

The tactics that these fraudsters use come in many forms, and can sound extremely convincing for those they are preying on.

“In some common scenarios we are seeing, the fraudster will use intimidation such as pretending to be an authority figure from the Canada Revenue Agency or the Canadian Border Service Agency. They may even tell you will be arrested unless you pay a fee,” said Corporal Andres Sanchez of the Sidney/North Saanich RCMP

“In other scenarios the fraudster will promise you prizes, great wealth, vacations, or cars if you first pay some underlying hidden fee.”

Here are some of the tips from the Anti-Fraud Centre to protect you from being a victim of fraud.

You should not be afraid to say no, don’t be afraid by high pressure sales tactics. If a telemarketer tries to get you to buy something or to send them money right away either hang…

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