EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBRE/WYOU) — All this week, the Eyewitness News I-Team has been focusing on scams that are showing up across our region.

You name the topic and there is probably a scam. The I-Team has information you need to know that could help protect your money.

“Bad guys follow the money and follow the information and the information is definitely online,” Judith McAfee with McAfee said.

Computer security experts say that scammers are a quick learn. They can adapt to any change in security measures that are designed to protect your cyber information from work to finances to shopping, more of our data is online and ripe for the taking.

“There are some reoccurring themes we have seen. First is people being placed in emergency situations under the gun on these there’s a time limit where it has to be done immediately. That’s a red flag,” Butler Township Police Department Chief William Feissner said.

Feissner says he gets calls just about everyday from someone who has either been scammed or had a near miss.

“Usually they are looking for the quick cash. A lot of times they use that personally identifiable information to gain your trust into making you believe they know more about you than they actually know,” Feissner said.

And investigators say in many cases con artists don’t have to work that hard to get what they want from the person they are calling.

“Many times we find that…

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