A money mule is someone who transfers stolen money on behalf of others through their bank account, sometimes knowing what they’re doing, but sometimes perhaps not. It helps criminals clean up dirty cash

“I decided to leave it because I couldn’t withdraw the money. But since then, my bank account has been closed down because I wasn’t able to verify why the money was there.

“I tried to apply to different banks, but they weren’t accepting me. That’s when I sort of realised that I could have been blacklisted.

“I heard of people doing it and nothing had happened to them, so I thought it wasn’t going to happen to me but it’s my fault really, I’m going to have to live with it.”

Fraudsters usually target teenagers, young people and vulnerable people to be money mules.


People are recruited through social media platforms, by using fake job adverts or via social media posts.

The victim above mentioned that she was recruited though her Instagram direct messages by a boy who enticed her with a money incentive.

The victim continued: “I was approached on Instagram and this boy basically went into my direct messages.

He decided to give me his snap chat name, I added him on snap and continued talking.

She explained: “When the CIFAS marker was on his account, he couldn’t get a phone contract, and he couldn’t work because you can’t work unless somebody pays money into a bank account.”

Elaine explained how these money launders forced her son to get involved…

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