CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — Here’s something you’re going to want to pay attention to. Scammers are wiping out the bank accounts of unsuspecting consumers across the country. They have figured out how to get into your bank accounts and then steal your savings. They do it by convincing you that they’re with your bank.

It all starts with a text from what appears to be your bank, alerting you of possible fraud.

It was just another Saturday afternoon for Kizzy Broaden in her Clarksville salon when she got a text that appeared to be a fraud alert from her bank, only it wasn’t.

Bob Stinnett/NewsChannel 5 Nashville

Broaden had gotten texts like this before from her bank and this one seemed to come from the same Bank of America number as the others. It even included the last four digits of her account. So, she quickly replied, no, she had not just tried to make a purchase in Houston, Texas.

“Then, the next message came through from them and it says, ‘Thank you. The transaction has been blocked. No money has been deducted from your account and one of our representatives will be reaching out to you shortly,'” Broaden recalled.

Soon after, her phone rang. Again, she said, nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

“The man identified himself as a David Singletary with Bank of America’s Fraud Department and they actually called from the Bank of America number that is located on the back of my debit card,” Broaden explained.

But, within minutes, the man had…

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