INDIANAPOLIS — As the country works to end the COVID-19 pandemic, scammers capitalizing over the past year show no sign of slowing down.

According to the Indiana Attorney General’s Office, complaints about scams related to COVID-19 continue to increase.

“The scammers follow trends,” Director of Consumer Protection Scott Barnhart said. “They follow the news and they look for opportunities.”

Recently, Barnhart’s team sent out a warning about a new scam related to vaccinations. Scammers sent emails and text messages asking consumers to fill out a survey about a specific vaccine, with the promise of a free product. Consumers were told to pay an upfront shipping and handling fee, then never received anything in exchange.

“Consumers need to examine the message to make sure that it’s from a trusted source,” Barnhart said.

Additionally, the Better Business Bureau warned that scammers will likely begin peddling fake vaccination cards or passports as businesses or governments require proof of vaccination in the coming months.

Columbus resident Shelby Sizemore contacted FOX59 about a recent scam that she received via text message. Sizemore, who is deaf, frequently communicates via text and believed she had been contacted by someone who wanted to help her family.

The text, supposedly…

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