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Scammers pose as Apple to get access to your info

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) – The Grand Island Police Department is alerting the public about a scam going around, where scammers claim they are from Apple.

GIPD said they have received complaints with the scammers hoping to get your person information and possible access to your bank account.

The scammers advise you there has been suspicious activity on your account and they would like to help you fix it. Then the scammer will walk you through how to log into your Apple account and let them remote access your computer.

Police said once the scammer has access to your computer, they can steal pretty much everything you have in relation to your Apple account, your credit card information and even your bank accounts.

GIPD is urging people to be very cautious when a company contacts you and tries to convince you to allow them remote access to your accounts and computer.

Police said you don’t have to be a victim, just do your research. The chances this is a scam are very high.

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