Have you paid your utility bill? Chances are that you have but that isn’t stopping scammers from taking advantage of businesses and consumers by impersonating electric, water and cable company employees. 

Utility companies across the area are warning their customers of scammers who will impersonate utility company employees with threats of deactivation of service – unless you pay up immediately. 

Victims report receiving calls where the person on the line identifies themselves as a representative from your local utility company deactivation team. He or she tells you that you are late on your bill and you need to pay immediately, or your utilities will be shut off. 

However, in addition to accepting payment by credit card, the caller sometimes wants you to pay by using prepaid debit cards or gift cards. The scammer instructs you to obtain one and call them back. This is a huge warning sign. Prepaid debit cards and gift cards are like cash. Once you transfer the money, you will be unable to retrieve it.

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